18Lpi Lenticular lens Sheet--Lenticular Picture

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1 Row material GPPS GPPS(now)
2 Lpi 18 +/- 0.01Lpi
3 Lens surface Semi-cylindrical lens +/-4%
4 Radius Depending of semi-cylindrical lens +/-4%
5 Thickness Depentding of the Lpi +/-0.01mm
6 Length 2400mm,3000mm,can be customized +/-1mm
7 width 1200mm,2000mm,can be customized +/-1mm


Recommed effect with 18Lpi:Flip,animation,motion,zoom&rotation or flip+3D
Minimizing production waste is not only good for the environment, but it also helps commercially. Therefore,for large format lenticular sheets,ZHUOTE provides you with a full range of custom sheet sizes.
Taking into account our production schedule,please allow 5-7 days before delivery.

The custom sheet size limits are:
Length: from 330 to 3000mm (length is always in the direction of the lenticulers)
Width: from 355 to 2000mm
For cutting,we do it for free.