Lenticular production plant

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As a manufacturer,we have two procduction line and currently offer 4 lpi varieties of large format sheet(3D25Lpi,Flip18Lpi,32Lpi,3D 42Lpi) to cover most imaging applications,and Zhuote lenses have been well serving super large format portrait and landscape artworks for years.If you want to broaden your lenticular product.Zhuote lenses will be your best choice:
A,0.01Lpi and 0.01mm tolerance in one batch of sheets(2000 sheets),which means the lines are very straight and consistent high quality.
B,Varietly of lenses media,Maximum with reaches 1250mm and 2000mm and fully flexible to extrude custom size.
C,Zhuote lenses media are at a very appropriate price to support you expanding business.
Any questions please contact:tonyzhjf@gmail.com