How to make and process for inkjet lenticular printing

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Lenticular printing

--How to print and pasting process by inkjet printer

        Choose the right lenses media
Under the following rules
1,Size & Viewing distance。
18Lpi&25Lpi is the best lenses for large format, long viewing distance.
32Lpi&42Lpi is the best lenses for middle or small format, close viewing distance.
25Lpi,32Lpi,42Lpi for 3D effection
18Lpi,20Lpi for dynamic effection

         Pitch testing of lenticular sheet

Print the calibration charge in the photo paper by UV inkjet printer, covered with lenticular sheet, the smooth side down then find the right pitch for the sheet.

File preparation and printed—interlaced image via 3D software

Lamination process:
1、       First laminate the double side adhesive with the printing paper by laminator machine, then peel the protective layer of the smooth side of lenticular sheet.
Clean the lenses avoid dust by alcohol

2、       Put the lens on the photo paper, fixed them with magnets, slightly adjust the printing paper to confirm the lines on lens and paper are matched, fixed the printing paper with adhesive tape on the lens sheet.

3、        Finally laminate the printing paper with lens by laminator. ATTN: Avoid dust during the whole process.