Packaging of lenticular

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Sheet Handling:
The  greatest card must always be taken  when  handling  the lens. The  risk of  damage is  highest  when the lens is
being manually carried and restacked. Staf should always wear gloves during handling to avoid the risk of cutting
their hands on the sharp edges and dropping the sheet. If the sheet is bumped or scratched during handling it must
be inspected to make sure no damage has occured
Sheet Cutting:
Where possible the sheets should be cut to size during  extrusion. When this is not possible the sheets should be
cut down by placing them back in the cutting stage of the extruder. This provides a much cleaner cut and lowers
the risk of debris being trapped between sheets that can cause additional damage during stacking and shipping.
There  should  be  enough  staf  to  enable  damage  free  handling  of  the  sheets  when  transferred  in  and  out  the
The standards of packing used for the recent 18 and 25lpi shipment must be used. These included:
•    Clean bubble-wrap must be used for all stages of packing
•    A layer of bubble-wrap on the base of the palette
•    Wrapping the lens in plastic protective layer once it is stacked on the palette and wraped in bubble-wrap
•    Make sure that lens and wood are clean and free of debris before packing
•    Using the high grade laminated wood.
•    A double layer of wood on the bottom part of the crate to prevent sagging
•    Cardboard corner protectors.
•    A tight ftting crate to ensure the lens sheets can not move around inside the packaging.
•    Make sure that lens and wood are clean and free of debris before packing
•    If  diferent sizes of  lens  are  placed inside  the  same crate  make  sure  additional  packing  is  placed  around  the
smaller sheets to prevent any movement.
•    Legs or feet on the bottom of crate so that a fork lift can be used to lift and transfer
•    Multiple metal straps should be used to tighten the crate before the fnal nails are put in.
•    Sign for “Fragile”  , “Do  Not  Stack”  and “This way  Up” applied  underneather  the fnal  platic  wrap  layer  to  seal
against moisture.
When  shipping the  adhesive  material the boxes must be  open and checked  for  the single  layer of  bubble wrap
they ship with. Any rolls without this single layer should be rejected. Next while carefully hadling the rolls add 2-3
additional layers of bubble wrap so that the rolls cannot move inside the box during shipping.