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Henan Zhuote Stereoscopic Technology Co.,Ltd
---Lenticular Product catalog
We are the biggest manufacturer of lenticular in China,founded in 1994, has been playing as a leading role in large format lenticular boards production market for 20 years.
 With our state-of-art German brand extruders, Our main products is 18lpi, 25lpi, 32lpi and 42lpi lenticular lenses at 4mm thick max and 2 meters width max..size:1.2m*2.4m,2m*3m.

LPI Thickness(MM) size(MM) Weight(KG/sheet) Viewing angle Best viewing Distance(m)
25 4 1200*2400 11.5 40° 5
32 3 1200*2400 9.1 39° 3
42 2 1200*2400 6.1 45° 2
18 3 1200*2400 9.1 72° 8

Production and office area:8000  Annual capacity production:6000 tons(GPPS,PMMA) With the improving processing technology, lenticular in the transmission of light, the focus, stability and finish has reached the international leading level. with the high quality, this product are well-sold both at home and abroad.
Our lenses have been proven to work perfect for lenticular effect including morph, animation, flip and 3D.
The successful growth over the next 20 years through an emphasis on service and reliability, Now the company mission is to provide a ‘one-stop’shop for an individual company’s total print requirements and this is reflected in the several divisions, all under one roof.
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